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What is OGO Mobile app do?

OGO Mobile is the first online delivery application in Kuwait. OGO Mobile App designed for the direct customers to Pick-up and deliver the packages and parcels. Very easy and secured app for all kind of users. It can track orders on real time. Allow to keep track your orders history and can maintain wallet for credit maintain. Choose the Pre-plan for pickups and delivery for your items. On-time, accurate and secure is key services. For more info contact OGO Customer service.

What OGO Web system do?

OGO web is first online delivery platform for business. OGO web system designed for mostly for business purpose. OGO Web is easy and fast orders create system in Kuwait. OGO Web was best delivery platform for all kind of business. Its supports small to large scale business for delivery. Support for all e-commerce site and food delivery sites. Integrated with all major sites. Can support all kinds of websites. Generating report for as per customers demand. Credit reports available. For more info contact OGO Customer service.

What OGO Fleet Management system do?

OGO Fleet Management is specially designed for company self-delivery system management. Keep tacking delivery sheets. Maintain login and logout of employs. Can track your deliveries on real time. Allows to generate users to control drivers. Allows to switch orders. Generating report for as per customers demand. Supports to integrate with all websites. For more info contact OGO Customer service.

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Frequently ask Question

Ogo is B2B (Business to Business) software which provide online ordering system and managing, tracking, maintaining it automatically , no hassle of assigning manual order.Its fully automated ( once order generated till completion)
Ogo can be use by anyone who has small to large scale business where order has to pick up and then deliver at some location , like restaurant , pickup / drop facility , send / receive order / parcel
Yes,Along with desktop web based software,Ogo has two separate application on iPhone and Android platform with easy and simple GUI with best design.
Yes,You can track each individual order generated by web browser , iPhone and Android.
iPhone and Android : Just install application and raise order ,system will take care everything.
Web based system : You just need to register and get an account then you are ready to generate order. add your driver in system and its Live, you can send order automatically , order will be accepted by driver and it will be pick up and deliver at right location.

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